Doctrinal Statement

The apostle John wrote to some first-century Christians: "You are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one" (1 John 2:14). I want to see such Christians today--Christians who really know what God's Word says and apply it.


Christian doctrine is important in the life of the true Christian (1 Timothy 4:6). Knowing and understanding the teachings of the Bible are indispensable to becoming strong and mature, to having victory in our very complex and increasingly secular society.


It has been the privilege of some of the men here at Grace Community Church of Bakersfield to rub shoulders with some of the leaders at Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, California. We've been impressed with their love for Christ and His Word as well as their commitment to the purity of His church. Over the years they, themselves, have meticulously studied the Scriptures and have arrived at a very clear, definitive and accurate statement of what they believe the Bible says about the central doctrinal themes of the historic, orthodox Christian faith.

The Board of GCC agrees totally with their convictions regarding theological truths of the bible. Therefore, we confidently adopt their doctrinal statement as our own, reflecting as well the heart of the teaching here at Grace.
Doctrinal Statement 
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