What We're About

Who is GCC?  Above all, our identity is in God.  We exist to serve and bring glory to Him.  We are a church only because He brought us together and shaped us into what we are today.  As God has led and grown us, His mission for our church has gradually become clear.  Here is who we believe God has called us to be:

GCC is a community of believers whose purpose is to Glorify God in corporate worship as we Reach people with the Person of Jesus, Assimilate them into His forever family, Coach them to Christ-like maturity, and Engage them in Sprit-directed ministry.


GCC is a Community of Believers...
More than a building, a name or a weekend gathering, GCC is a community of people.  We are living together the adventure for which God created us:  pursuing Christ and being changed by Him.  At GCC, "community" is more than just a passive synonym for "group."  It's a connection and relationship built on shared purpose and passion.  It's a community of people who desire to ...
We exist to honor God's presence in worship.  This is the number one priority of our church because it is the number one priority of our lives.  We weren't made or created to have great jobs or careers or grow beautiful gardens or to have fabulous hobbies.  We were made to have a relationship with God. We were made to have fellowship with Him. If that is what we are made for, that should be the number one purpose for our lives.  And it doesn't happen just on Sunday mornings, but 24 hours per day 7 days each week.  Our whole life is to be a worship service for Him.
So then we glorify God in worship as we ...
We exist to communicate God's Word through evangelism.  The definition of evangelism is "sharing the good news."  In other words, the purpose of the church is to talk about God, talk about the incredible things He has done and the incredible person He is, and to make known His wisdom to other people.  Every single person in the world needs Jesus Christ ... needs to be rescued from an eternity without God.  We believe every person matters to God ... and we want each person to know that.
We exist to incorporate God's family into our fellowship.  We are not meant to live lone-ranger lives; instead, we are to belong to Christ's family and be members of His body.  As believers, we're adopted into God's forever family, and as a result we are now a community, an association, a company of equals and friends in Jesus Christ.
We exist to instruct God's people through discipleship.  Discipleship means helping believers grow spiritually.  It is more than just coming to know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship.  The Bible says it's maturity, becoming like Jesus Christ, that should be our goal.
We exist to demonstrate God's love by being involved in ministry.  Ministry is simply meeting needs with love.  The reality is, everybody hurts.  Everybody has a hurt.  Everybody has a struggle.  Part of the reason this church exists is to help meet those needs with love...to meet you needs here, but also the needs in the community where we know people are aching and dying.
Our Guiding Verse
Col 1:13-14, 28 (NAS)
"For He rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His belovedSon, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins." Therefore..."We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.
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