Our Story

Started in Bakersfield, California with 10 families who met for their first gathering at Ming Park for an Easter Sunrise service in April of 1985.  This little body was originally named Evangelical Community Church, which met in a home for a few months.  We then rented a Jr. High School auditorium for two years, whereupon moved to a vacent church educational building for two more years.  Pastor Phil was ordained during this time through Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California .  From our first service, the church's personality began to emerge; one shaped by volunteerism, flexiibility, creativity, energy and a passion for truth.
Needing a campus of its own, one was found when Evangelical Community Church merged Grace Bible Fellowship in March of 1990 at which time Grace Community Church emerged.  Renovations to the campus began almost immediately.  The Worship Center was totally refurbished, a courtyard was created and a new parking lot was formed.  Recently, a new Children's Center was established and dedicated.
As we've experienced seasons of transition, stretching and dependence, God has taught and reminded us that His church is led by Christ alone.  Modeling dependence, our elder board strives to stay close on the heels of Christ as they diligently seek God's direction for GCC.
From the beginning, we've been part of a much bigger story than our own, God's global movement challenged the church.  Grace Community's story is still being written by God's creative hand.  Each person we meet, including you, becomes a part of this story and changed it through who they are.
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